Monday, September 27, 2010

First prints

After having separated out the individual bones from the hand scan, I decided to print a couple of copies of the middle finger from metacarpal to distal phalange.

Preparing the phalanges for print was undertaken without drama in AoI by using a single block and boolean operations to slice each phalange into lower and upper halves.

The next step involves the printing of flexural joints and ligaments in polypropylene to the ABS bones.  Hopefully, the attachment of the ligaments to the bone will be simplified by the use of a special adhesive that I've located.  That is on order and should arrive early next week.


  1. Dude, you continue to blow my mind. Anything I can do to help, coding chores, whatever, teach me your ways!

  2. Fantastic Forest! You started out pretty primative but have gotten pretty detailed and extensive in reproducing a functional human hand. Great work! Really enjoy reading your progress.


  3. After my aborted attempts at building a robotic hand it's great to actually see someone do the things I'd dreamed of achieving!
    They really are things of beauty and I hope they work better than planned. I was wondering if there was a way of plutting thin layers of ptfe on the interfaces where the bones will rub past each other? Bones have cartilage and liquid to achieve low friction. They also have the ability to heal. It would be a shame to see something that cant easily be taken apart damaged by wear and tear.