Thursday, September 16, 2010

Ball and socket joint

Having got down to the carpal assembly in the hand I was left with having to design the interconnection between the carpals and the radius and ulna. I decided to see if I could put together a workable ball and socket joint within the size constraints that I am working with.

It turns out that I can...

I made the ball in two parts to avoid having to use support material and used a recessed machine screw to connect them.

I will need to tighten up the collar a bit to insure that the ball isn't too lose in the socket.

One thing that has occurred to me is that I can design the collar orifice of the socket to restrict the movement options of the joint.

Now I'm wondering if I could design a more compact, more biomemetic knuckle joint?

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  1. lol, this is so funny! Every time you solve one problem moving out from the finger tips it seems you have a desire to refactor the portions you did previously! If you keep this up you will have very perfect fingers...but no hand as a whole. At what point do you just call it good enough? I'm with you though, figuring out a better solution to a common problem makes you want to apply it to all the problems you've already solved.