Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Checking flexibility

I finally got a workable thumb joint going yesterday and was able to do a quick lash up to check for kinematics clashes this morning before work.  I ran the hand through a quick touch-each-finger-to-the-thumb exercise and found no clashes as such.





Now all that remains is to integrate the thumb joint into the carpal block.  From there I can look into the joints to the radius and ulna bones (forearm).

Looking at the design so far it's obvious that I was designing fingers instead of phalange bones. Because of that, when I take the design into the metacarpals it gets a little crowded in the hand.  I really should do a tapering exercise on the metacarpals to get that wrist the right size.

First though, I will look at the wrist to forearm connection.  Even if I wind up changing it later the knowledge gained in doing it a first time will let me do a better job with the hand redesign.  

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