Monday, August 9, 2010

Reading more closely...

I was setting up to do the firmware to control the HS-322HD Servo for my telepresence finger and went back to do a little due diligence on the performance documentation. When I ordered it the catalog listed it as having a 120 degree range of motion.

When I actually got into the specifications, I discovered this little gem...

It turns out that the 120 degree range of motion was determined by the RC transmitters, not by the servo itself, which could do 180 degrees.  The microcontroller board doesn't have limitations on signal duration, so I can run the fool thing at a full 180 degrees with no problems at all.

That's nice, except that I designed the servo reel for 120 degrees  movement which meant a 38 mm diameter reel.  Having 180 degrees movement means that I only need a 25 mm reel. That means that the servo is going to give me 60% more pull and the size of the hand containing it shrinks dramatically.

That is super good news except that I am going to have to redesign the servo reel.

Oh well, that shouldn't take too long.  I just have to change some dimensions. {famous last words...}

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