Thursday, July 8, 2010

Tiny little steps

I finally got the Slice and Dice software for my Rapman 3D printer upgraded so that I can print parts for the telepresence hand project.  That done, I ordered a fairly standard servo to play with so that I have something to develop my control firmware with and get used to the little ways of servo/microcontroller interfaces.  I chose the Hitech HS-322HD, a coreless servo.

I already have a test board mounting a Microchip 18F4550 which I can hack to run the servo.  It uses 5v DC current, which will be handy.  I'm going to do a single finger for starts and use a melange of ideas from both Andreas' hand and the Meka robotic hand he showed me a few days ago.

The Meka hand uses a strip of latex rubber, a wide rubber band if you will, secured to the topside of the fingers to return the finger to extended position.  That appears to be both simpler and less expensive than the spring system that Andreas used.

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